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Recordings available from workshop 27/3/2015 on building information files

At last, the recordings from the workshop on 27th March 2015, “Sustainable housing: innovation and data,” with guest speaker Thomas Luetzkendorf, are available! Links to the recordings and accompanying power-point slides in PDF are listed below for each segment of the workshop. The agenda for the workshop is here: 150327 Sustainable Housing Workshop Flyer

Introduction – defining and communicating sustainability
Dr Wendy Miller, QUT

150327 01 Introduction slides

Introduction – Recording

National Energy Efficient Buildings Project – Phase 1 Report
Dr Wendy Miller on behalf of pitt&sherry

150327 02 NEEBP Phase 1 Report slides

NEEBP Phase 1 Report – Recording

Building information and building files
Professor Thomas Luetzkendorf, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany.

150327 03 Building Files slides

Building Information – Recording

Emerging data projects: NSW and Glasgow
Dr Wendy Miller (with input from the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage)

150327 04 Data Projects slides

Emerging Data Projects – Recording

Using building information for valuation
Professor Thomas Luetzkendorf (KIT)

150327 05 Building information for valuation slides

Using Building Information for Valuation – Recording

 Using building information for changing culture and practice within the system
Dr Wendy Miller (with input from the South Australian Government)

150327 06 Building information culture slides

Using Building Information for Changing Culture and Practice Within the System – Recording

150327 07 Building information discussion slides