Aims & research questions

The three overarching aims of the study are to:

  1. Identify and evaluate strategies used by innovators in sustainable housing;
  2. Inform processes that can be incorporated into the culture and practices of the housing industry;
  3. Enhance the supply of, and demand for, sustainable homes.


The aims will be achieved by exploring the following research questions, under three key research areas:

Actions of sustainable housing innovators:

  • What innovations are being used to enhance sustainability performance?
  • How are these incorporated into culture and practice?
  • What were the decision making processes of the supply chain participants that enabled these actions to be undertaken?


Outcomes of sustainable housing innovations:

  • Have the innovations resulted in enhanced building performance?
  • What benefits and disadvantages have resulted from these innovations?
  • What was the extent of supply chain participation influence on the development of these innovations?


Impact of sustainable housing innovations to supply and demand of sustainable housing:

  • Do these innovations provide certainty of sustainability performance outcomes?
  • How can learnings from these innovators be transferred to other participants in the supply chain?
  • Can collaborative partnerships between businesses enhance innovation development?



Case Studies