Upcoming conferences

Here are some conferences that have arisen in conversation lately that may be of interest and may be attended by some of our research team, listed in date order:

2015 National General Assembly of Local Government
14-17 June 2015, Canberra

Construction, Building and Real Estate Research Conference (COBRA)
8-10 July 2015, Sydney

Australian Building Codes Board Conference: Building Australia’s Future
13-16 September 2015, Gold Coast

10th World Congress on Engineering Asset Management
28-30 September 2015, Tampere, Finland

The First International Symposium on Sustainable Human-Building Ecosystems
5-7 October 2015, Pittsburgh, USA

US Department of Energy Solar Decathlon
8-18 October 2015, Irvine, California, USA.

Solar World Congress
8-12 November 2015, Daegu, Korea

8th International Urban Design Conference
16-18 November 2015, Brisbane

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