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How many experts does it take to set up an air leak test?!

QUT researchers Aaron Liu, Zakaria Amin and Sherif Zedan confer over how to set up for an air leak test ahead of formally assessing the many houses that are to be monitored for thermal performance in this project. Three heads are better than one, surely?!

Air Leakage 1 18.06.15

Air leakage 2 18.06.15

Air leakage 3 18.06.15

‘The Conversation’ reports QUT prefab housing research

See the latest article reported in ‘The Conversation,’ authored by Dr Wendy Miller, Dr Dale Steinhardt, and Associate Professor Karen Manley, taking a closer look at what is constraining the development of prefabricated housing in Australia:

Not just daggy dongas: time to embrace prefabricated buildings