Climate change, resource depletion and increasing urbanisation world-wide are driving the continual escalation of the environmental standards to be achieved in the way we design, construct and operate buildings. The Australian housing sector faces multiple obstacles in responding to this challenge, including issues pertaining to stakeholder engagement and communication within the supply chain, technology, building processes and culture, economics and market regulation.

This project aims to address these shortcomings by: a) evaluating the actions of early adopters of sustainable housing practices; b) quantifying the environmental performance outcomes achieved by these innovators; and c) assessing the extent to which this pioneering behaviour influences the capacity of other housing supply chain participants to improve both the supply and demand for sustainable housing. The goal of the project is to develop an Innovations Adoption Toolkit that will assist participants in the housing supply chain to identify and implement system level innovations that will quantifiably improve the health, productivity, value, affordability and environmental performance achieved by the Australian residential sector.

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